Teresa has exceptional clarity of thought and an impressive brain. She knows all the theory but doesn’t mention it much as she concentrates simply on what will work for you and your business given your aims (the latter of which she helps you extract from yourself!) My business has been hugely successful and much of that is directly due to Teresa’s output and also her challenging of us to do better. She has also greatly helped many of our lawyers obtain focus on their own futures and aspirations.
Andrew Woolley, Managing Partner, Woolley & Co, Solicitors

Second Opinion Marketing has made a huge contribution to the Diversity Practice by increasing the impact of our business development, marketing and communications.

From determining our strategy, to designing the look and feel of our branding, developing our content, and growing our online and social media presence, Second Opinion Marketing has provided excellent, insightful, and creative advice and support.

What particularly impressed us was their cutting edge marketing skills, speed of response, and resourceful in developing solutions, and the fact that they always take into consideration and manage the costs associated with the marketing process.

They have really become a collaborative partner to our business, helping to drive us forward to achieve our business goals.
The Diversity Practice

We hired Second Opinion Marketing on recommendation from a business contact. Teresa kick started our marketing, and provided us with focus and organisation together with experience and great ideas. Teresa was instrumental in creating the Prime brand when we acquired another practice. Her success proved to us that we needed to hire someone full time. Teresa helped us with that process, shortlisting, being part of the interview process and the decision making. A true professional.
Laurence Moore, Chartered Accountant and Director, Prime Chartered Accountants

Second Opinion Marketing has been a real asset to my business and, I believe, would be an asset to others too. Teresa has a keen understanding of business and business people and has helped us realise our goals in practical ways that work. One of her real strengths is that she is always client-focused. She helped us look at every aspect of our business from the buyer’s point-of-view, and this outside-looking-in focus has led to many insights that we might otherwise have missed. She works in a structured and organised way which has kept us focused on what really matters and, most importantly, gets us results!
Gary Cousins, Managing Partner, Cousins Business Law

Second Opinion Marketing’s Teresa Harris brings huge expertise and a passion for our business and actually ensures we deliver on our plans. Great ideas need professional, considered and determined implementation. Teresa does both to great effect. I would not hesitate in recommending Teresa.
Andy Parker, Parker Chartered Accountants and Financial Advisors

Teresa Harris has assisted my business for several years and her company has provided my firm with marketing consultancy. She has played a key role in more than doubling the turnover and profit of my business with the depth of her insight and her commercial flair.
Justin Patten, Director, Human Law LLP

I needed someone who could see the bigger picture of what I wanted to accomplish but who could also assist me to do the detail work. Teresa is someone you want on your side, she does what she says she’ll do and on time. She is a great resource and easy to engage with. Teresa’s knowledge and professionalism provided the foundation of what I am doing now. If you know you should bring in a marketing consultant I suggest you speak to Teresa first, you’ll be glad you did.
Moira Bailey, Executive Business Coach, Moira Bailey Associates

Second Opinion Marketing listened to our needs and ideas and then planned and delivered a communication planning away-day for representatives from across the business, including some of our Council Members. The feedback from the day has been really positive, with attendees reporting that they feel more motivated, involved and are prepared to be committed communications advocates, because of the work completed.
Natasha Atkinson, Marketing Manager, Leicestershire Learning and Skills Council

We were presented with a business opportunity not to be missed but it came at the end of the tax year, our busiest time of year, when the marketing and management team were fully committed to business as usual activities. We needed support to get this vital partnership off the ground and Second Opinion had the right combination of marketing and project management experience.

Copy had to be written, edited, amended and turned around very quickly, having a project manager able to pick up this aspect of the project allowed us to meet a very challenging print schedule and ensure the guide was published on time.

Everyone at Chase de Vere and all the partners involved in the project were delighted at the assistance given by Teresa Harris, Second Opinion’s Managing Consultant.
David Newman, Marketing Director at Chase de Vere Investments

A detailed action plan was developed to ensure all relevant stakeholders, including careers advisers, training providers, colleges and the organisations developing the training programmes, understood the changes, were kept informed and had an opportunity to feedback questions and concerns.

Second Opinion helped us to develop several communications tools that will be used going forward, including a monthly written update for all stakeholders, fact sheets to be used by careers advisers and a guide for providers who market the training product.
John Minton, Campaign Manager at the Learning and Skills Council National Office

Location: Stratford upon Avon