3 steps to keeping customers

Keeping existing customers happy can be a great way to decrease marketing spend, although this isn’t always obvious. Most clients that I work with want to attract new customers. They talk to me because they want to grow their business – increase turnover, sell more products – get greater bottom-line return. But almost all of […]

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Marketing - targeting

5 reasons direct marketing doesn’t work

I’m prepared to bet that most people reading this blog have tried direct mail or email marketing at some point. Although not normally a gambler, I’m also willing to wager that 9 out of 10 who say they’ve tried it will also say it didn’t work. That’s certainly the experience I have when I speak […]

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10 things to consider when editing marketing copy

A number of readers offered some really positive feedback on my blog in January Tips for better business writing with many offering thanks for the common sense tips and sometimes obvious reminders. It’s fair to say that the points made about ruthless editing of marketing copy struck home for many. So much so that a […]

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