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Business Writing

Tips for better business writing

I’ve been spending a good deal of time over the last month researching and exploring how to improve written communications with clients and customers. Working, as I do with a lot of professionals who have detailed and often complicated information they need to convey, it’s a challenge that I encounter daily. So, I thought I’d […]

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What are words worth?

What are YOUR words worth?

A little while ago I was struck by the title of the lead article in The Marketer – What are words worth? The piece talks about how important the specific language you use is in the development of a brand identity. It points out that with the increasing interaction with customers and the world at […]

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The value of a marketing mentor

Why everyone needs a mentor If you work in marketing, especially for a small or medium sized business where you’re likely to be the lone marketing resource, or indeed if you run your own business, the marketing role can be a challenging one.  You can feel isolated, lack confidence in the decisions you take, set […]

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Margaret Thatcher

Business marketing and the ‘Thatcher Factor’ 

Love her or hate her you couldn’t ignore her.  The news, earlier this month, of Margaret Thatcher’s death at the age of 87, dominated newspapers, news channels and social media, with as many people apparently celebrating her death as mourning it. She was certainly a phenomenon – but what has she to do with marketing […]

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